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CRIANN offers different hosting services to its users.

Physical device hosting

CRIANN has several rooms for hosting computer equipment that can be installed in 19-inch standard cabinets.

Depending on the hosting needs, different levels of services are available:

  • autonomous access 24/7 or during working hours only
  • single or redundant power supply
  • short standby on inverter only or long standby with generator

All accommodation buildings have controlled access with video surveillance and are equipped with air conditioning systems suitable for hosting IT services.

For any hosting request in our rooms, you can contact the CRIANN support

Virtual machines

CRIANN has a virtualization infrastructure allowing it to provide, in specific cases, the hosting of dedicated virtual machines for its users.

Shared web platform

The CRIANN shared web platform is based on open-source solutions (Apache HTTPd, PHP) in a Linux environment.

Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive instructions as well as logins and passwords for :

  • perform file transfers via SFTP
  • access to a MySQL database
  • consult the statistics of your site.

A disk quota of about 3 GB is associated with each hosted website. This quota can be increased, in a reasonable way, according to your needs by formulating a request to our support.

DNS zones hosting

CRIANN has several DNS servers that can be configured to host your DNS zones as primary and/or secondary servers.

Editing (adding/modifying/removing DNS entries) of zones hosted on our master servers requires a request to our support

Last update: November 25, 2022 14:05:21