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MYRIA HPC cluster

Myria is an ATOS BULL solution with 11304 computing cores, 419 TFlops Xeon, 327 TFlops GPU and 27 TFlops Xeon Phi KNL.

Detailed description

User documentation

General framework

Myria is designed to be used in shared mode, with about 300 user accounts. Jobs are submitted in batch through the Slurm submission environment, from the front ends to the compute nodes. The interactivity on the front ends is limited to compilations, edits, submission and small and short code tests.

The computer is administered by the Criann team, so Linux administration commands are not allowed for users. The software are installed by the Criann team, on request, and are accessible through the module commands.

All these elements are detailed in the user guide, which describes the standard mode of operation of the service. Adaptations are possible to remove limitations encountered (example: storage adequacy, installation of additional software), upon request to

Consumption follow-up

The consumption follow-up is available on the command line if you have an account on the Myria calculator via the command maconso. If you are a project manager or deputy manager, the -u option allows you to display the details for all accounts.


Publications based on results obtained within the framework of time allocations must mention the provision of resources by CRIANN. Indicative wording:

  • Ce travail a bénéficié des moyens de calcul du mésocentre CRIANN (Centre Régional Informatique et d'Applications Numériques de Normandie).
  • Part of this work / The present work / was performed using computing resources of CRIANN (Normandy, France)

Access modalities, other documents

The terms of access to the MYRIA computing resources are described on the Criann presentation site, where the forms to open an account are also available.

Various presentation documents and activity reports are available on this page.

Last update: November 25, 2022 14:05:21