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Application environment and library management


Type module help for all the options of the module command

  • module avail: list available modules
  • module avail app_name: list available modules for the indicated application
  • module help app_name/version: display the online help (if available) for the indicated application
  • module load app_name/version: load the environment of the indicated module
  • module unload app_name/version: unload the environment of the indicated module
  • module list: list the loaded environments
  • module purge: unload all previously loaded environments

The case of libraries

Loading a library module allows you to compile without applying -I ... or -L ... options related to the library in question in a Makefile, if the Intel compiler is used. The same Makefile can then be used on several computer centers that have set up a module for the library in question.

For the general structure of Makefiles, examples can be found in the /soft/makefiles directory.


Castem Application

login@Myria-1:~ module avail castem

------------------------------------------------- /soft/Modules/Myria_modules/cfd_fem_meshing --------------------------------------
castem/2013  castem/2016

login@Myria-1:~: module load castem/2016
load castem/2016 environment

Paraview Application

login@Myria-1:~ module help paraview/5.2.0_Serial
----------- Module Specific Help for 'paraview/5.2.0_Serial' ---------------------------
For visualization jobs, a documentation is available:

FFTW library

login@Myria-1:~ module avail fftw
------------------------------------------------------ /soft/Modules/Myria_modules/libraries ----------------------------------------------
fftw/3.3.5/impi  fftw/3.3.5/serial  fftw/3.3.5/serial-threaded

login@Myria-1:~: module whatis fftw/3.3.5/impi
fftw/3.3.5/impi environment
fftw/3.3.5/impi : fftw 3.3.5 / Intel MPI / ifort - icc - icpc

login@Myria-1:~: module load fftw/3.3.5/impi
load fftw/3.3.5/impi environment

Last update: November 25, 2022 14:05:21