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Gramc (Gestion des Ressources et leur Attribution pour Mésocentres de Calcul - Resource Management and Allocation for Mesocenters) allows project managers to make their resource allocation requests using an online form. This tool is the result of a development by the Calmip supercomputing mesocenter in Toulouse.

Criann version went live at the launch of the first 2022 science call on November 8, 2021.

When it is put into service, Gramc-Criann contains the database of active projects and users already known to the Criann computing service.

Using the Gramc-Criann platform

  • The platform is accessible to users authenticated through the Education-Research Identity Federation.
  • The tool is based on the name, first name and email address information from the Federation.
    • In case of multiple memberships, a scientific project leader or collaborator must give preference to the institution for which his or her email address is known to Criann (indicated during the account request or the project submission on the calculator). He then can access to his active projects from Gramc.
  • The laboratory is to be selected in a drop-down menu: in case of laboratory not yet listed on Gramc-Criann, contact the Criann by writing to admin AT
  • Gramc-Criann user guide
  • Applications to open an account on the calculator are made using the forms described at
    • Eventually, a development will be made to pre-fill the form with information from the Federation (in particular the email address).
    • In the meantime the following procedure is recommended:
      • Login to Gramc to retrieve this information
      • Manual entry in the form.

In current Gramc-Criann version

The declaration of a collaborator ("I. Présentation" / "Personnes participant au projet" part) is only used to declare a person to be involved in writing the application.

Currently, to add collaborators to an allocation request, they must first authenticate at least once and activate their accounts on this portal so that their profiles are known and you can add them as collaborators.

Last update: November 25, 2022 14:05:21