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SYVIK regional network

Terms of connection

The SYVIK regional network offers complete coverage of the region through points of presence located in the main urban areas as well as a multi-operator collection service.

For any request or study of connecting your institution to the SYVIK network, you can contact the CRIANN support.


Requests for modifications, work and incident reports should be addressed to the SYVIK NOC.

Contact informations for the NOC are available on the contact page.

Monitoring and web portal

The network operator sets up a web portal that allows users to access all current tickets as well as supervision data.

In addition, CRIANN, as coordinator of the SYVIK network, operates separate monitoring services:

  • a network links supervision server: Cacti
  • an Intermapper supervision server: Intermapper (graphic maps of the network and supervision of some services)

These services are restricted by logins/passwords.

Last update: November 25, 2022 14:05:21