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Videoconferencing service

Service description

CRIANN provides its users with a service allowing the organization of multipoint videoconferences accessible through videoconference stations (H.323 / SIP), a workstation or a simple phone line.

Resources and features currently available to our users on the Pexip platform:

Features Pexip
Read-only screen sharing
Connection using H.323/SIP IP terminals
Connection using a phone
Connection using a workstation
(, , )
Connection using a WebRTC compatible web browser
Streaming and/or recording conferences
(under conditions)
Allocation of fixed conference numbers
(under conditions)
Maximum video capacity 40 channels
Maximum audio capacity 40 channels
including 30 phone channels
Maximum number of participants per conference approx. 30% of max. video capacity (15 participants)
Portail de réservation Pexip

Best effort service

The Pexip service is offered in best effort mode, which means that reservations are accepted but without certifying that all participants will be able to connect, this is the principle of first come first served.

Obtain a Pexip organizer account

To obtain an account that will allow you to make virtual room reservations on the Pexip platform, you must send us an email to specifying :

  • family name
  • first name
  • email address
  • your parent organization and if possible your component/laboratory

The request will then be studied in working hours by our service and an answer will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Last update: November 25, 2022 14:05:21