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Most connection problems are related to:

  • misconfiguration of the client or
  • to have a network filtering that blocks network flows.

Please consult your IT department and check the filtering status on your computer and on your local network before contacting our technical service.

Conduct a preliminary test before the conference

It is advisable to perform a connection test before the conference to which you have been invited in order to validate that everything is OK. Of course, the test must be done under the same conditions as on the day of the conference (same local network, same filtering and same terminal [computer or videoconference station]).

Pexip Infinity Connect and WebRTC softwares

The IP addresses of the video conferencing servers are :

  • IPv4: to
  • IPv6: 2001:660:7401:211::101 to 2001:660:7401:211::114

Test room

A test room is available to validate the client installation and port openings.

Simply make a call to from the Pexip Infinity Connect client.

Network flows

Outgoing flow

The following ports and protocols are used from your terminal to our video conferencing servers.

Source Port src Destination Port dst Protocol Usage
Terminal <any> Serveurs 443 TCP HTTPS
Terminal <any> Serveurs 1720 TCP H.323 SIG
Terminal <any> Serveurs 5060 TCP SIP
Terminal <any> Serveurs 5061 TCP SIP/TLS
Terminal <any> Serveurs 33000-39999 TCP H.323 SIG
Terminal <any> Serveurs 40000-49999 TCP/UDP RTP / RTCP

Incoming flow

The following ports and protocols are used from our video conferencing servers to your terminal.

Source Port src Destination Port dst Protocol Usage
Serveurs 33000-39999 Terminal 1720 TCP H.323 SIG
Serveurs 33000-39999 Terminal 5060 TCP SIP
Serveurs 33000-39999 Terminal 5061 TCP SIP/TLS
Serveurs 33000-39999 Terminal <any> TCP H.323 SIG
Serveurs 40000-49999 Terminal <any> TCP/UDP RTP / RTCP

Last update: November 25, 2022 14:05:21